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Vineyard Photo Journal

Our land when we first moved in.

View of the back corner of our land prior to planting our vineyard.

Planting our vineyard. We planted on all of the cleared land. We have an additional 4.5 acres of uncleared land that we plan to use for more vineyard while leaving a wooded buffer around it.

We planted six different grape varietals.

Blue grow tubes act like mini-green houses for new vines.

This is the view from our home looking towards Bricketts Mill Road that is behind our land.

Niagara grapes almost ready to harvest. These grapes are used to make our Niagara, Niagara 1848, Minnie's Bubbles and Farm Stand White.

Stomping grapes makes helping in the vineyard a lot more fun!

The crusher/destemmer getting the grapes ready for the press.

Our hydraulic press is much faster than our kids at crushing grapes and pressing juice. Buckets of juice are dumped into tanks to ferment.

Harvesting Marechal Foch. These grapes are used to make our Marechal Foch, Jay's Rose and Barn Door Red.

More grapes ready to be made into wine.

Harvesting takes a couple of weeks since different varieties of grapes are ready at different times.

Leon Millet ready to harvest. These are used to make our Callum's Red, Baby Blush and Barn Door Red.

Red wine being transfer into oak barrels to age.

Bottling wine. This is where bottles are all washed, filled, corked, topped and labeled by hand.

Our final product.

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