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The Details of Article 6

This is how Article 6 reads on the ballot

This map shows the proposed forced rezoning

This is what is actually being proposed. The three properties outlined in black are the ones we are discussing. While the Harold’s state there is commercial all around them, it is only across the street (which also has a residential home across from us who is strongly opposed to Article 6). The property on the Atkinson line is Woods Farm and you can see all the residential properties behind us. Our lot is the large one in the middle. Article 6 rezones the Harold’s property C1 and most of the lot with the empty brown house. Look carefully at what they are forcing on our property. The red would be rezoned commercial. This is our home, barn, garage and small building. These could be taxed at 100%. This is where we live and want to raise our children. The blue shows the majority of our land that would remain as residential, so the Harold’s can offer a large buffer. This residential land has no home, well or buildings. It is our backyard, vineyard and pool. It has no road access. Think about what this does to our property value. If we end up with an Olive Garden next door (which the Harold’s list as a pro on their website) and we decided we wanted to find a better place to raise our kids and farm, we are stuck. We can’t sell our home as residential. We can’t sell our vineyard as agricultural. How would we ever sell a property as commercial when the majority of the land is residential with no access, no buildings and no ability to use it as commercial?

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